About Us

We are the brainchild of musicians

Powerhouse Studios is a full service recording studio, owned and operated by Ruff Ryders CEO Joaquin Dean.

Powerhouse Studios has two equipped studios, with a spacious tracking room, iso rooms, and a world class blend of state of the art and vintage gear. Our dedicated staff of engineers offers recording, mixing, mastering, post-production, ISDN, transfers, mobile recording, live sound, video production, and even small scale cd-manufacturing with print.

Our studios are equipped to handle your project from beginning to end. We have top notch trained musicians at our fingertips. So if your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize sound to the fullest.

Our Mission

To make your recording experience and music needs an easy one by using all resources available to fine tune the abilities of the local artists and musicians.

Our Vision

Is to go beyond standard remit of a sound recording studio and to become a creative hub where artists, bands, songwriters, musicians and producers can realize their sonic potential.

Core Values

  • The artist is at the center of the process
  • The past inspires invention and innovation
  • Experimentation requires artistic rigor
  • Collaboration activates growth

Our History

Our studio gained popularity for having the best drum soundand became home to many of the nations top acts

November 2020

30 Years of Recording, Producing and Management

Construction of Powerhouse Studios began in the mid 1990’s by brothers Joaquin and Darrin Dean. It quickly garnered respect as some of the biggest hip-hop artist produced multi-platinum albums out of the Powerhouse compound.
June 2017

Ruff Ryders 20th Reunion Tour

Hip-hop label Ruff Ryders came into being 20 years ago, and went on to become one of the most legendary crews in the industry.
September 1999

Let There Be Eve

Eve first album produced in Powerhouse “Let There Be Eve… Ruff Ryders First Lady”
May 1998

It’s Dark and Hell is Hot

DMX First debut album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot”
October 2020

BET’s Ruff Ryders Chronicles

The five-part production about the iconic hip-hop label founded by the Dean brothers Joaquin (Waah), Darin (Dee) and sister, Chivon Dean, will feature interviews with trailblazing artists Swizz Beatz, Eve, DMX, The LOX and more.
August 2014

Supreme & Ruff Ryders Collaboration Collection

Commemorating the pivotal moment in NY’s hip-hop history, Supreme honors Ruff Ryders Entertainment in their 2014 fall collection.
January 1988

Money, Power, Respect

The Lox release their debut album “Money, Power, Respect.”

Ruff Ryders was Founded

Want to Record Your Own Hit?

We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for our all your projects.

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Our Team

Powerhouse Studios believe that the calibre of your engineers & producersis just as important as the quality of the studio.

Our Engineers

Hector Rodriguez

Rahsaan “Cus” Stephens

Terrance Pender

Jamar Jones